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Chane A5rx-c Group Buy Closed.

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  • Chane A5rx-c Group Buy Closed.

    Effective last Friday, the 2015 Chane A5rx-c Group Buy has closed. Chane would like to express our thanks to all who participated to make this event the most successful yet. Owing to the strength and value of the A5rx-c and associated models, the Chane brand has enjoyed substantial interest from customers and the press. Chane owes the community our appreciation.

    Beginning in a few weeks, the A5rx-c will stage to deliver in large quantity to scores of new Chane customers and friends, most of whom are already enjoying their A1rx-c's and A2rx-c's. In a week or two, Chane will again offer sales of the A5rx-c at its usual, low, Internet-direct price. Chane will work to continue the A5rx-c's momentum as we devise other models throughout 2015.

    Thanks again and we hope our customers enjoy the sound.