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Stu Nelles: long term A1b review.

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  • Stu Nelles: long term A1b review.

    At Affordable Audio Stew Nelles spends a lot of time with the A1b. He likes it. Excerpts:
    If the designer's goal was to produce the best $300 loudspeaker possible given the manufacturing cost constraints and landed costs, I think he (as in the gender inclusive he/she) may have failed. If the cost consideration or direct comparisons were closer to double the price, I think that would be more fair to the competition. If one were to remove the price sticker from the A1bs, I think many may find the A1bs competitive with many speakers that sell for triple the price ... no foolin'.


    As someone who is a "PRAT" type and dedicated full-range single driver affectinato , the A1bs easily pass my musical litmus test. They are fast enough to be believable as ultra-bandwidth full-rangers rather than a two-way design. Here's the quickest, shortest possible summary: The A1bs represent a "PRAT" type sound, loaded with hi-fi (sound-staging, imaging,etc.) attributes at an incredibly low price. I don't think I can make any higher recommendation.

    Read the entire review at the link above.

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    Very impressive review!! We 1b owners knew it all along. I never get tired of listening to this great speaker. Congrats Jon. Best, Bradley