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A1.5 and A2.4 stock

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  • A1.5 and A2.4 stock

    Due to high demand both the Chane A1.5 and A2.4 have sold out well ahead of schedule. Both models have been very popular.

    We ordered a new production lot of both models late this spring, which have been in production for about 3 weeks. We'll announce the return of both models late this summer.

    We'll also launch new model A4.5, an onwall wedge a little smaller than the A1.5. It is designed for surround and effects locations and may be flown from either wall-hanging fixtures or adjustable VESA hardware.

    Like the A1.5 it has the Chane planar tweeter and a 5.25" midwoofer. Unlike the A1.5 it is a compact sealed enclosure designed to operate above 80Hz and mate perfectly to the standard 80Hz subwoofer crossover.

    All models, along with the A5.5 floor speaker will be again offered in a variety of Bundle packages. Customers may register for our newsletter from the website's front page (bottom right) or email for more information.