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Learning to build crossovers

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  • Learning to build crossovers

    Hey guys, I have had the parts in my garage forever to do my own cheapo line array using the good old PE NSBs :) Not going to challenge the LS6s or anything, but it should be fun. One thing I need though is a way to handle the crossovers, either by building some or doing it with electronics. Anyone have any good resources for building the crossovers? I know where I want to cross over the NSBs with the woofers and the tweeters I have :)

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    I'd be interested in this answer too. :)


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      Parts Express sells BassBox 6 and X-Over3 as a bundle as BassBox6 Pro. That is what I use to try virtual speaker designs. Once you have Thiel-Small parameters for the drivers in BassBox6 and design the box, the output goes to X-Over3 to design the XO. I found it on sale at one point at PE.

      There are other programs out there if you look around. I have a friend that used BB5 and got me started with it. BB6 is a nice improvement.

      EDIT: It also supports line array designs. :)
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