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Is an x-head worth $85 in duty/tax fees?

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  • Is an x-head worth $85 in duty/tax fees?

    Hi all,

    I got an x-head sent to me from av123 as part of a buy some stuff get an x-head free deal.

    UPS shows up and wants $85 for brokerage/tax. Being that this should have had a value of $0.00 as it was part of a package the fees should not exist. In saying that I have been down this road with the gov't before, and well, quite frankly it is a waste of time that ends up no where.

    I am seriously considering refusing delivery. I don't need it, it would just be nice to have.

    Paying $85 for this really chews into my savings on the other stuff.


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    It only really matters on what its worth to you. If you pay $85 for it and don't use it... its worth nothing to you. If you pay $85 to get it into your home and try to sell it for $100 + shipping... you may be $15 richer. Is it worth the hassle?
    Time waits for no man.


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      picked up the x-head.

      doesn't have any issues. Sounds great. Absolute silent at idle w/input connected.


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        Congrats. Glad it worked out

        I love how music can brighten up a bad day.


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          if you have use for a headphone amp then it can't be beat for $85.