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Monarchy SM-70 vs Emotiva UPA-2

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  • Monarchy SM-70 vs Emotiva UPA-2

    I'm looking for an old school solid state amp to try in my 2 channel system. Will be compared to Virtue Two and possibly a tube amp from Glow Audio.

    The UPA-2 is a nice deal right now for $269 shipped, for a new amp. Comparing that to used SM70, which will run $400 or so. I think the SM70 is double that price or more new, so it really shouldn't compare to the UPA-2. Anyone think they will be close?

    Planning to use it with Usher 520s in nearfield setting where I don't go much above 85 dB. Given that, the extra power the UPA-2 delivers may not really matter. But I like it because it would allow me to use pretty much any speaker in the future and not worry about having enough juice.

    I guess I am leaning toward cheaper and more powerful, but I can't get the Monarchy out of my head as just being an amazing sounding amp (based on reviews) for the money. In the end it's all about amazing sound, not cheaper and more powerful...

    What do you all think? Votes; opinions; look at something different? Figure $400 is the cap on budget, but used is OK if you want to make other recommendations.

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    A couple used solid state options. I'm of the opinion that a nice amount of reserve power is necessary. I really like carver amps.
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