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MFW-15 amp finally died. Suggestions?

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  • MFW-15 amp finally died. Suggestions?

    Looks like the amplifier on my MFW-15 finally died. Started humming pretty loudly today when watching a movie. This is not a huge surprise, I've heard these had tons of problems with the amps and I'm probably lucky it lasted as long as it did. Any thoughts on what to do? Is it worth the effort to try and repair this, or should I get rid of it and buy a new sub? I'm not much of a DIY kind of guy, so any repair would need to be simple or I'd almost certainly mess it up.

    Any suggestions or advice appreciated!

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    If you remove the amplifier and measure the cut out, we can probably source something. My guess is one of the 300 or 500 watt Parts Express bash amps would do well as long as it fits. You can always enlarge the cut out if needed.


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      Thanks for the info. Doesn't look like this will work though. The cutout for the amp is 15.5" x 4.5", I don't think there are any available plate amps that will fit that size cutout, even if I enlarge it. There is also a separate cutout for a smaller plate with the gain, frequency, and phase controls. I assume I could just disconnect that and leave it in place if I find a plate amp that would fit. I suppose another option would be to buy an external amplifier like the Dayton audio SA230. Then I'd just have to cut something to fill the cutout and put some speaker terminals on it.


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        Seaton Audio had an upgrade kit just for this sub for $795. Consists of a better driver, plates to cover both existing cut outs, and an external amp.

        I don't know anything about it personally, just found it doing a search. Seems a bit pricey for what you can get now days! I would op for something from Craig. You know you'll be getting a quality sub & first rate customer service.


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          There are several threads out there on repairing them yourself if you are capable of doing so without, you know, electrocuting yourself:eek:

          Most every time the failure issue is a couple of caps that have gone bad but it can be bit of a bear removing a board to get at them depending which version you have, more importantly putting it back together correctly. I have done one that I previously owned and solved the issue. Not difficult but a little tedious and you do have to be comfortable with soldering and knowing how to avoid shorting the amp. Cost of parts is very minimal, I think less than $15 IIRC.

          With that said, these amps are also known for a high probability of going into total unrepairable failure eventually no matter what you do. I would not invest in someone repairing it unless it was cheap and you couldn't do it yourself. I also echo that if you are considering upgrading my vote is definitely for Craig's offerings over the Turbo upgrade for the MFW. Completely different league of quality over the stock MFW.
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            Thanks for the replies. The turbo upgrade is not really an option I'm considering, the upgrade is 2X what I originally paid for the sub new. I also am pretty confident I don't have the skills to do the cap repair, I've never soldered before.

            I think what I'll do is buy a Dayton SA230. Then I should be able to wire the driver directly to the high level inputs bypassing the amp altogether. That way I can buy one of Craig's subs if I am unable to get this to work and will already have the amp.

            Thanks again for your help, I'll let you know how this works out.