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Onkyo Loss of Audio and Network

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  • Onkyo Loss of Audio and Network

    Onkyo has admitted to a common problem of units loosing audio output. They have created a site where you can put in your serial number, and check off one of several symptoms. If it's one of the effected 2009 to 2012 models, they will ship a self addressed box with return shipping, fix the unit and return it to you for free. This program was started last month, and will extend the warranty for this problem until 2018!

    I've had an Onkyo 5007 that stopped delivering audio a couple months ago, and destined for the garbage heap rather than shipping and maybe fixing it, and risking this common problem again. It began with occasionally turning on the unit, noticing only two, not three relay clicks, video comes on but no audio. A power off/on cycle would fix this. It progressed to multiple off/on cycles would only fix the problem, and finally I just left it on full time, and it acted fine. But then I accidently hit my HT universal remote's macro off button that turns of everything, and that was it for the permanent problem. No amount of on/off cycles would work.

    I've had it sitting in the basement, replaced now with a Denon, but finding this new program, and entering my info, Onkyo will repairit for free! I may be able to get some cash for a working unit now on ebay. Waiting for th shipping box now.

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    Thanks for posting this.