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Current options to replace MFW-15 amp?

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  • Current options to replace MFW-15 amp?

    Hey all,

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I think my AV123 MFW amp is about to die. While on, with no power to my receiver, the amp will make that noise like someone is fiddling with a turntable needle. It's quiet, but there.

    Unless you guys think it's something other than the amp, I need to find out what my replacement options are. I'm in the middle of wedding planning, so I can't go all out and spend money on a new sub setup. Most of the old forum posts are 2+ years old.

    Anyone out there able to point me in the right direction?

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    This is the only drop in replacement I know of. Amp, new driver, plates to cover openings. $795 + shipping.


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      I don't think putting $795 into that sub is worth it unless you're attached to it for some reason. Technology keeps marching on and you could buy something new that would be a vast improvement for that kind of money. What I would do is remove the factory amp, measure the cutout dimensions and maybe we can source an amp that would be a good match for the MFW driver.


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        Let me know what you find.