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  • Lexicon MC4

    Anyone have any info on an oldie but goodie the Lexicon MC4? Specifically will it adjust flatten the sub curve. Will only use in 5 channel and 2 channel for music, music 65%. Thinking the quality of this and say a rotel 1095 5 channel may be better than the quality of new avr's wich seem to be a bit tinny latley. will be matching to the arx 5 or 7s when available (please be by christmas john) then following up with the 18 sub and an amp. (maybe 2 18's :) )

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    Looking through this review:

    It appears there is no correction of any kind. But it is a pretty good digital surround controller, albeit a bit pricey, but name brand.

    This might be worth looking at:

    Rumors have it debuting soon.

    But in all honesty, something like this is what I would recommend:

    A4Less is a great souce for Factory Refurbs & you can get a 5 year extended warranty for $50, which is better than a new warranty. And it comes with Audyssey Platinum (think Audyssey XT 32, Sub EQ). This is a total package that gives you everything.
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