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Unexpected Gift: **** Soundlink Mini

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  • Unexpected Gift: **** Soundlink Mini

    My mom came out of left field this Christmas with a **** Soundlink Mini. I'm thoroughly impressed with it.

    If anyone's interested, here are my thoughts:

    General balanced sound **** likes. They don't go terribly deep, or extremely high, but they produce a very non-fatiguing sound and can get loud enough to fill a room without distortion. I'm amazed at how much sound this little guy produces. It's very portable and the battery life is at least 4 hours of good usage. (They claim up to 7 but I haven't tested it) The battery is replaceable, which is nice, but I don't know what **** charges for them.
    The charging cable's plug collapses for portability. Nice design.
    It also comes with a "dock" to set it on and charge if you don't feel like messing with reseating the charging cable over and over.

    I haven't tried it for movies/tv yet.

    This speaker is "boomy" if you sit too close to it. It's not a great fit sitting on your desk 2 feet away. I toyed with my equalizer settings and still couldn't get it "right." I would say give it 4 feet of distance, minimum.
    They did put a 3.5 mm aux port on it, but RCA or Optical would have been a nice touch.
    It's very easily to steal this. I wouldn't dare leave it on my desk at work. Taking it to and from adds a few pounds daily to my bag.
    I'm not sure if you can charge it via the micro usb port, or use that port for audio. I'm also not sure if you can link multiples together to add more sound to your house.
    The price tag is a **** price tag. I thought sonically it was on par with the $60 Dayton B652/Lepai amp combo I bought the girl for Christmas. The Soundlink Mini takes up a LOT less space. It might be a good option for bedroom/office tv setups.