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    Hey guys,

    It's time to start buying the gifts for my g/f. She's getting a Blu-Ray player (and probably netflix) for christmas. I wanted to get her some cheap(ish) speakers to compliment her movie experience.
    Edit: I forgot to mention she's currently using stock TV speakers on a cheap Insignia I bought her a couple years ago.

    We're probably going to tie the knot so I don't need to go too extravagant. I still have the winning HT at my place. But I would like to get her something to enjoy for the time being.

    I don't think (the site formerly known as CHT) has anything that fits what I'm trying to do for the price, so I'll leave them out of the running here. (Maybe the next system, I'm hoping.)

    I could either get:
    1. Dayton Audio B652/Lepai amp combo (no sub). Here I'll probably get yelled at for the space the Daytons will take up. No sub is a downer. I'm betting this option will sound the best, but not sure since there's no sub.
    2. A lower end ZVox Sound Box. Here I save on space because the TV can sit on top of the unit, but I have no idea how they sound and they're the most expensive option. Also has a remote. She'll yell at me the least because there's no additional real estate lost I think/hope, but if she googles the price I'd be in trouble.
    3. Cheap 2.1 speaker system from a B/M store. I save the most money here, but it causes wires to be everywhere and the sub may annoy the neighbors. I'd have to buy one with a sub control, but if the sub is always off, it may be a waste. It's a gamble if the sub will be a problem or not. Satellites may not fit well with her current setup, I'd have to get creative with the placement. I've been eyeing Cyber Acoustics for the table top volume control

    My hope is that she'll use whatever I pick for date night and maybe she'll even listen to more music like Pandora.

    Any recommendations on how much trouble I should get into? :)

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    Sound bar
    I came, I saw, I purchased.


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      Originally posted by diamonddelts
      Sound bar
      Thanks DD. Sadly, a soundbar doesn't really fit the space (pretty narrow) and the TV isn't tall enough to peer over it.


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        So I decided on the Dayton Audio B652s and the 2013 Lepai T-amp.

        wow, I can't believe it only cost ~$60. There's not much difference between this setup and a pair of **** 301's from the late '90s. The **** have a little better detail and a louder bottom end, but I think my ears would adjust to the Dayton B652s.

        These speakers are very smooth. (non-fatiguing) They also come with some low grade speaker wire which is a huge convenience plus for me.

        They can't get very loud, but they'll fill a small house with sound. They're well balanced. They may not have a sub, but they can go low enough to play Metallica's "Kill 'Em All" without complaining.

        Great speakers for the money. Just pray I don't get beheaded for chewing up all this space on her bookshelf!


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          Apparently, I made a huge hit with the speakers. She was listening to opera earlier with her grandma, who was amazed at how clear she could hear the vocalists.

          If you're wanting a pair of cheapies, this setup will get plenty loud for a room. Don't expect them to get terribly loud, but it was better than dumping $60 into a computer speaker setup.