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Do I need new speakers/drivers

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  • Do I need new speakers/drivers

    Hey guys. Been a really long time since I have been here. Looks like the audio world has slowed down. At least here. 1 page has a full year of threads. Anyway, If anyone is around I am looking for advice. I have a pair of AV123's ELT's as my surround's. Lately I have had one speaker sound really distorted on certain sounds, mostly speech over music. I dont know if the speaker is going bad or if its the receiver. What is another good surround speaker to look at. I like the high dollar Klipsch series but I cant afford them.

    What is out there for full systems that have nice wood. Thats one thing I really liked about AV123 stuff is the quality of the cabinet. Anyway.. what do you guys think.

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    Welcome back, Dusty.

    Best in class, right here. I am considering these, myself.