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Choosing proper preamp input impedance?

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  • Choosing proper preamp input impedance?

    I'm looking into getting a passive preamp or preamp kit and have a few questions about impedance.

    The 'buzz' is that the output impedance of your source device should be 1/10 * the input impedance of your amplifier or less. For example, I am now using an Aune T-1, whose output impedance on its line-out is 100ohm (go to bottom of page). Thus the input impedance of the amp or preamp that source is plugged into (in my case right now, straight into my Gizmo 1.0m) should be at least 1kOhm. The lowest attentuator ohmage I've found is 10kOhm so in my case, would that be most appropriate?

    I do not know the physics involved but found this link:

    We'll see how helpful they are. What'd'y'guys think?