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electronics & TV upgrade options for old AV123 7.2 setup

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  • electronics & TV upgrade options for old AV123 7.2 setup

    Any suggestions on the following situation?

    I am thinking of upgrade options for my old setup which is centered around a 10-year old Mitsu 55" RPTV and Emotiva DCM-1/MPS-1 electronis...neither TV or electronics have HDMI.

    1. Oppo 105 ($1200)
    * Jriver pc audio to Oppo DAC w/USB (I use sound card w/SPDIF to pre/pro today)
    * analog out audio to processor
    * would need HDFury HDMI to component for video until I get a new TV

    2. Future Emotiva x-class processor (around $1600). What are other options? Parasound? used AVM/50? Any burning recommendation for new amps? I will need a phono stage for my Music Hall MMF-5 Turntable.

    3. New display - I'm milking my RPT TV - I like the picture (blacks, motion, color) but it isn't bright like an LCD.
    3a. 95" wide screen & projector (~$6,000 w/screen)
    3b. 65" plasma (2013 Samsung or Panasonic flagship model) (~$4000)
    3c. 65" Sony LCD (~$5000)

    I have a dedicated media room above the garage (16' x 20' long) with pitched side walls due to roof.

    Ref 3 Ninja
    Ref 100 Ninja
    Ref 2
    Ref 1

    MFW-15 Turbo (Seaton amp & new driver) x 2