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Which Logitech Harmony remote?

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  • Which Logitech Harmony remote?

    I only have a plasma tv, cable box, blu ray and av receiver in my den. Looking for a universal remote. Pricing the Harmony 650 and Touch so far, but wondering about older One model that is still out there. Advise or experience appreciated! Happy new year all!

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    I went with this remote right here, because like you, I only have 4 devices to control. Plus to me it seems crazy to spend anywhere near north of a 100 bucks for a stupid remote.

    I had really been tempted though to get 1 of the nicer Logitech remotes that have the touch screen, but changed my mind after reading some reviews from others about the touch screen having issues. Such as I think failing over time.

    To me it's just a remote. No need to break the bank on something like that. The remote in the link has worked great for the last year or so that I've owned it.

    I like the overall feel of it and button placement as well. I went with it also due to it being so similar to the main remote I would normally use which would be for changing channels on the cable box/dishnetwork/directTV etc. :D


    Don't let that price in the link scare you. You can easily get that remote for under 20 bucks shipped elsewhere like at ebay for example.


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      I have the 900 and it has worked flawlessly for 12 months now. I have everything hidden in a cabinet so the RF is a must for me. My wife loves the fact that if she wants to watch a movie, it takes 1 button on 1 remote and loaded the disc. Makes life much easier. I think I got it for $160 new maybe, to me it is worth every penny to not hear my wife complain about which remote and which button to watch a movie.


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        It looks like Logitech is only offering a 650 along with the upscale models. I have a 770, similar to 650 only rechargeable, that works just fine. I had an 1100 for a while but found the touch screen not very repsonsive and my wife never got the hang of using two hands with it. I think ipads and iphones have spoiled us for touch screen response. Both were easy to program and easy to change when I changed AV equipment.


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          If your looking for a great remote and own a android or apple tablet look into the IRULE it doesnt get much better and a friend owns the company

          its a great customizable product.
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            I have the Harmony 890 with RF extender great remote