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  • New TT or Preamp?

    So, since the AV123 forum is down, I come seeking the advice of those here.

    I did my tax return today, and it was no where near what I was expecting. So, I am left to decide.

    Right now I have a Mapletree Audio preamp. I have a Project Debut TT.

    I have to now choose which one to upgrade.

    I am looking at either getting the Dodd Battery Preamp with the Phono amp.

    Or a Pro-ject RPM 10.1 with Sumiko Blackbird.

    What does everyone think?

    More important to upgrade the mapletree or the TT?

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    Originally posted by kingdeezieav123refugee
    I did my tax return today, and it was no where near what I was expecting. So, I am left to decide.

    Right now I have a Mapletree Audio preamp. I have a Project Debut TT.

    I have to now choose which one to upgrade.
    There's always option 3... but I assure you... it's not as fun.


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      If I remember the thread on av123forum you had concerns with brightness with your mapletree. Do you still have that concern? If yes, go with Dodd if not hold off anything my 2c. The reason being I doubt if changing the tt is going to help change the sound so it so it sounds a bit tamed


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        Also... to add to what Deepak has mentioned... aren't you on the LS9 order list? I realize it's still a bit fuzzy as to when you'll get them... but the LS9 will likely play differently than your 850s (I think that's what you have).

        You never know... system synergy wise, the Mapletree may play nicely with the LS9s... which means the money you're talking about... if you're looking to find a home for it... could go to something like some Odyssey Mono Stratos Extreme or Kismet Amps (not sure what you're using for amplification).

        Just another thought. It certainly doesn't help with the itchy... want it now factor.


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          I vote to replace your Mapletree (of course that's because I want to buy it for my Ref 1's!) :D


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            And I say replace the Prokect Debut because I would like to buy it :-P


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              I have to admit, my tt is the most fun part of my audio system. That's what I would really upgrade!


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                Have you heard the Pro-ject RM10.1 table and Sumiko Blackbird cartridge?

                Better living through Audio Nirvana!


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                  Well here is the thing.

                  I noticed that my initial displeasure with my system was realized when using my CIA VDA-2 DAC as the source. There was some upper midrange glare and some minor harshness.

                  So, I changed the tubes in the MAD to 12SX7's, and let everything play almost straight for a week.

                  HUGE difference. Everything all of a sudden got so warm and lush.

                  I am chalking the issue up to the CIA which was pretty much brand new when I posted my unhappiness with the preamp.

                  I think the CIA was breaking in and here we are now.

                  I find that I am actually happy with the MAD. It produces a very rich and tube like sound; and that's what I prefer.

                  The Dodd will probably give me more of a "hi-fi" sound in the resolution department; but I don't want neutral; I want lush and warm.

                  I also just bought a Audio Revelation Labs umbilical cable for the MAD, which many people have stated it takes the preamp to a whole new level.

                  The MAD has a tube rectified seperate power supply and the cheap stock umbilical cord supposedly limits current delivery. I am not really a believer in cables, but I am willing to be proved wrong.

                  I already have Stratos Mono Extreme SE+ amps...

                  I am really getting into vinyl and would like a new table.

                  HAL, what is your issue with the PRoject?? I have not heard it, but read some great things about it.


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                    No issues with the RM10.1.

                    Usually a turntable and cartridge change make a bigger difference than a preamp change.

                    Sounds like you are now happy with the existing preamp, so the TT upgrade is happening. :)
                    Better living through Audio Nirvana!


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                      If you are considering the Pro-Ject, then you might be interested in the Music Hall MMF 9.1 as well. Steremojo has a pretty impressive review of the unit. I'd suggest you talk to Underwood Wally who's the dealer for MH as well as Pro-Ject, plus he is a very helpful and friendly guy...