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New Rocket 850 sound distorted

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  • New Rocket 850 sound distorted

    Newly arrived brand new RS850 is making a distorted sound. Speaker has been moved to different channel on same amp with same results.

    What are the typical troubleshooting steps on the RS850? Is there wire or something on the crossover that could have been dislodged in shipping?

    Speakers were tested before shipping, so I know they were fine before.

    Thanks for any advice! :confused:
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    I don't know exactly where in the RS850's the crossovers live, but if you pull one of the midwoofers and take a look inside it might be obvious enough if something has been dislodged in the shipping process.
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      On mine, the crossover board is screwed to the side wall about 1/3rd way from the bottom. I had to pull the bottom 2 woofers to get access to it when I updated my crossovers years ago.
      Are the woofers and tweeters in good shape? Could they have possibly got "dinged" in shipping?



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        On the speaker that has the noise, is there one mid or bass driver that is making it? If so, look carefully at the cone to see if there is any damage.

        If you very very carefully move the cone with your fingers does it make a scratching noise? If so, the coil former is scraping and the driver needs to be replaced.

        Just some thoughts.
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          +1 to HAL's comment.. gently push the drivers to see if any scratch. It would be fairly apparent (usually)..
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            PM replied.

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