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  • Possible DIY Project???

    A customer was cleaning out a house he's renovating & thought I might be able to do "something" with these...

    Circa 1977 CRAIG Model 5704 Loudspeakers
    Dual Bass Full Range Speaker System
    8 Ohms/50 Watts

    *2 Active Heavy Duty Bass Drivers w/ 1-1/2" Voice Coils
    *Tweeter in isolated sub-enclosure
    *Full Air-core L-C Crossover Network / 1200Hz

    I haven't hooked them up yet. The drivers look in pretty good shape - paper of course. The surrounds intact. These appear to have been "taken care" of.
    Ugly maybe, but heavy as hell. (About 20# each if I had to guess)

    One speaker has a bad "binding post" - old push button spring clip

    Should I at least hook 'em up?
    Or just tear into them. Remove the drivers and see what's inside??
    I know I will do this at some point...but wonder what I could/should do with (more like to) these...???

    Gimme some input and help!

    BTW - the customer is removing the "In Wall" Amp/Tuner that powered these today to bring to me. He's not sure if it's working or not. But I figure all of this could be fun/get me into some sort of DIY project...:scratchchin:

    HEYYY! What happened to our (my?) attachments option???
    Great, now I gotta load the pics ... :hissyfit:

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    ....I knew I should've just torn into 'em today.
    You bastages no help!!:raspberry::hissyfit:

    :joke: of course....
    I've been drinkin all day & listening to tunes.
    Put these in a closet 'til I could keep the bottle down.
    Have been vestigating ideas though, prolly not very good ones w/ the driver layout and cabinet and such.
    Got no idea what to do.
    Where to start repalcing drivers/crossover.
    Well, I know to goto PE or the likes. But other that than, no clues.
    What about one of the woofers a passve radiator?? Or could I make some sorta sealed center/almost a bigfoot with the driver layout. Watning to keep minimal cabinet/baffled changes due to tools & work area. Of course, we won't know what will need to be/can be done 'til I rip these muthas apart....
    Not looking/loistening for anythink special. Just sumpin to do halfway creative and constructive.....

    Oh my, I belief I have just hit a brick wall seeing as how that bottle was full this morn. Tis a ggod thing i didn't go to the liquor store while I was out.
    But damnit! I could use one more drink....there's alwasy L's wine cabinet!!!:sly::omg:;):p:toilet:
    Thanks all so much for being here!!:crowd: