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The LMS-Ultra thread from HuskerOmaha

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  • The LMS-Ultra thread from HuskerOmaha

    Has been archived. If anyone wishes to discuss it, please let me know.

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    Guys - after looking at AVS tonight, and thinking it over, here is the deal:

    There will be no more links permitted from here to AVS. When people there start talking about stuff like how I "left Tesseract out to dry" and that our year end contribution to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank and Wounder Warriors was an "apology from me for my bad behaviour", that is enough.

    We have our forum here and Home Theater Shack.

    Tesseract, Rijax, etal ... please do not respond again to any of the posts you see on AVS slamming our forum.

    If the posse there wants to continue to slam me, I don't give a rat's furry behind.

    I archived the thread from Husker because it was clear that our forum and that place will never get along.

    Let them continue to lie about what happens here. Don't respond to them. Just ignore them.

    I do this business as a hobby. Unlike guys like Seaton and Permenian, this is not how I make my living. If I never sell another product, my financial life will be just fine.

    We will continue to work hard getting products that real people can afford, and these products will make our customers happy. In return, please allow me to enjoy this hobby with you.

    As for AVS, no more. Period.

    Thanks, guys. :)


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      It is hard enough to have a lucid conversation there, let alone enjoy our hobby.

      I would like to see the occasional helpful, informative link, if it is linked in the interest of forwarding a positive discussion. Other than this, that place can swing on deez nutz. :toilet:


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        Dennis - No links, period. I don't wish to be put in the middle of what is a "good or bad" link.

        But - copying useful info and starting a thread here is fine.

        Does this work?


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          Information is good, and copying conveys the info just fine. "thumbsup: