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  • Receiver repair?

    I have a denon m-37 mini hifi system. During some renovations at my place someone knocked the receiver over. The receiver works fine except the screen doesn't come on now. Does anyone have a recommendation of how about going to repair this or where to send it? The system was $400 so ideally $100 or less would be nice to get it repaired.

    Same as this with different speakers.

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    Unfortunately, newer (less than 20 years old) AV products aren't made to be repairable. IF you can find a repair depot, they'll probably charge more than $100 to repair it. Your best bet is to scour the "internets" for repair instructions. Either do it yourself or find a newbie tech (Electrical Engineering or Electronics student) to wheeled the soldering iron. If you take it part, you might get luck and find that it's just a loss connector. Plug it back in and you're good to go.

    I had Yamaha AVR repaired many years ago. It cost me 1/3 the price of a new one. Looking back, I should have just bought a new one. I would have gotten newer technology and a new warranty. I hate that we're become a disposable society but thing cost too much to repair these days.


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      I took it completely apart and didn't find anything. Had a ribbon cable connector that looks like it powers the lcd and two molex like connectors. Everything was plugged in so I took it apart and put it back together. So irritating that someone knocked it over.

      The most annoying part is it still works but the screen! A new one with speakers is $400 but looks like some other brands exist for $300 now. I just basically got it because it is small, has aux in for when I have a tv in the bedroom, and plays music from a usb drive. A lot of the newer ones though are dvd players though and seem to require you have it hooked it to a tv since they aren't fully functional as a stand alone.

      The person that damaged it said they would fully replace it but arghhh.


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        Well, how good are you with a multimeter? I couldn't tell too well from the amazon photo, but is that a VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) or an LCD? To me the amazon photo looks like a VFD (The kind all the old VCR's used to have), which are VERY resilient displays. I agree it's probably something simple, since you indicated that it looks to be fully functional with the exception of the display itself. You could probably pay $15 online for a technical manual (with schematic) and trace out voltages and see if the VFD is actually getting the right voltages. Alternatively, you could probably find a "dead" unit on eBay (where "dead" means "display works great, but no sound") and scab out the display of that unit and put it into your unit. Not sure if you're up to that task or not. As was suggested, a local electrical buddy may be able to help you out. I'd be happy to take a look with you but I'm in north alabama. By the way most statistics go though, I'm guessing you're not anywhere close. :)

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          I'm not very good at that type of stuff and right now don't have time to. Would someone here be interested in looking at it?