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  • Tinkering w Omnimic

    Just received an Omnimic recently and finally had a chance to try it out today. I have dual Empires and an MFW Turbo in a non-dedicated open floor plan, about 6500 cu ft main floor. Antimode is being used to tame a couple peaks, using an older Onkyo with EQ XT.

    Anyhow, here are a few graphs from my first attempt:

    So there is a 1/6 and a 1/12 smoothing - not sure which is generally used for analysis. The base decay is there, though I can't really interpret it well enough to know if there is anything particularly good or bad going on.

    All in all, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. It looks like I have useable output down to 15hz, and seems like an overall fairly good response - but would sure solicit any ideas or feedback.

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    Paul - 1/6 is pretty standard. That is a nice response curve. Omnimic sure makes it simple to take measurements!


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      It looks really good Paul. With that response I would not worry too awful much about trying to improve it.

      I know when I had my SMS-1 I drove myself crazy trying to perfect every little detail, moving subs, moving mains, rearranging my furniture, etc.

      After weeks of this I ended up moving everything right back to where I had started...ended up being the best response.:doh! 1:

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