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The New Ultra Subwoofer Line!

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  • The New Ultra Subwoofer Line!

    ***Important Update, acording to Craig at this time - Aug 2012***;
    TC-Sounds drivers won't be a part of our lineup, but that we are looking at other avenues.

    First, the details;

    Originally posted by craigsub
    Good morning, guys. Today's announcement is going to be deliberately understated.

    Chase Home Theater is now going to be offering TC Sounds drivers in its premium line of subwoofers.

    The first two subwoofers will be as follows:

    1. Mariana-18 ... This will be our flagship sealed subwoofer. Take one TC Sounds LMS-5400 driver and put into a heavily braced 21 inch cabinet with a 2 inch thick front baffle.


    Single unit: $1500 plus truck shipping.

    Two or more units: $1500 per unit, free truck shipping in the lower 48.

    Want the Ultimate dual 18 inch sub? Picture (2) LMS-5400's and the model 1300 amp at target price of $3800.<updated>

    2. Bonin-15: Take a TC-Sounds LMS-R15 and put it into a Thilo Stompler approved, customized version of our VS-18.1 cabinet.

    The slot vent is approximately the same area as a 6.2 inch round port.

    This guy is tuned to 20 Hz, and will sell for $1200 plus shipping (Truck freight only).

    For duals or more, a flat rate of $300 anywhere in the lower 48.

    Here is what this guy looks like with 2000 watts.

    Here is what Craig modeled the predicted performance for two LMS-5400's. For singles, and two SS-18's drop the curves 6 dB and use half the watts. Also, see note on the RE-XXX 18" below;

    Originally posted by craigsub
    Purple is (2) RE-XXX ... Yellow is (2) LMS-5400 both with 8800W [FP14000 - 4400WX2] and Red is a quad pack of SS-18's with 3600W [Crown XLS 5000 - 1800WX2 or FP10000Q - 1350WX4 used carefully].

    The XXX in a 9 cubic foot cabinet per driver. The LMS-5400's are in a 4.5 cubic foot cabinet each, total of 9, the SS-18.1's also in 4.5 cubes each, a total of 18.

    Note; the RE-XXX was modeled using manufacturer's xmax, however, Craig quoted ricci for this design choice rejection;

    Originally posted by craigsub
    Here is what Josh had to say about the RE-XXX-18:

    "The manufacturer claims 54mm xmax and while the BL product and clearance can indeed allow that excurion, in practice, useful excursion seems to be about 40-45mm or so before mechanical noise gets distracting."

    If we re-model the RE XXX-18 to limiting the excursion as suggested by Josh, we lose appx. 2.5 dB at 10 Hz, making it and the LMS-5400 comparable in the deep stuff.
    The XXX drivers are about $150 more delivered plus the additional cabinet size.

    So, what will we name these top dogs, ultimate diggers, ht jackhammers, music depthmasters and all around best subs at maximum performance for the least delivered price ever offered by a US internet direct company?

    If your choice is not listed, let Craig know what you think they should be named.
    "Mariana-18" sounds the Deepest! - A sealed TC Sounds LMS-5400 18"
    I think "Bonin-15" is where I'm Goin' - A ported TC-Sounds LMS-R15
    I like "Tonga-15" better - instead of Option 2
    These options are lame, my option would be...<submit in post!>

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    Magnetar for the sealed 18. It's one of the farthest deep space known objects and us similar to a star with a thousand trillion more magnetic field energy than earth.


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      Good one Techno a similar vein I was going to suggest Bloop, but it sounds lame.

      So I will go with Morlock...:D


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        As I am stuck in chlorine filled pool areas the next three days- I expect some fun in this thread. Profanity is good, too.


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          The Excavator (for those just building their home theaters)

          The Earth Tremor (maybe the 15")

          Tsunami Generator

          Seismic Event

          Grand Maul (could cause seizures?)

          Grout Cracker (taken from a GTG mishap)


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            Alternate suggestions:

            Obsidian - a deep black volcanic glass used in surgical blades.
            Mjolnir - the hammer of Thor Norse god of thunder.



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              I like the trench names, in general. I might skip Bonin (...uh, as a name, I mean...). I might also choose them because of other features though (like the name sounds good or is easy to spell ), not just how deep they are. You don't want to blow your wad on the first generation of a new line of subs - hold off for Mariana (and keep Challenger Deep in your back pocket for a special edition) until you know it's as deep as the series will go, if that's the symbolism you want to attach to the names. I like Tonga, Atacama, Mariana, maybe Shikoku (basin).

              If you have a good set of Pacific rim locales, they can make the ring of fire series, with complimentary volcano-named speakers.


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                I think Mariana is one of the coolest sub names, ever. That one should stand as the name for the flagship, IMO.

                Tonga or Bonin, it makes no difference to me. The sub will speak for itself. I like both names.

                Bonin, in a marketing sense, will generate a bit of hub bub like the Schitt headphones amps do. :biglaugh: It gives people something extra to talk about.


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                  Personally I would keep the current naming convention intact. How about BD-18 (Bottom Dweller) or perhaps BL-18 (Bottom Lurker). And on a side note BD is also a great acronym that boosts the male ego...:angel:
                  Earning A/V $ the hard way :assshake:


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                    Barry White's Brown Note :toilet:
                    I shaved my balls for this :salute:

                    Denon DVD1920, NAD C352, Hafler XL280 & XL600, B&W 602s3, MiniDSP, CHT 18.T(the duo), Acoustic Research PR1212
                    Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals, Jackson & Epiphone guitars, Marshall amps


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                      Is this a joke?
                      I came, I saw, I purchased.


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                        I like Depth Charge, but I think there was a sub named that a while back...

                        Other thoughts were:

                        LCR: Gedlee Abbeys for LR and Nathan for Center Surround & rear 4 x Sho10's
                        Subs: 4 x 18.2
                        Electronics: Marantz SR7002, Acurus 200x3 (LCR), PS3, HTPC, CDP300, Mits HC1500, Elite Peregrine 2.35 156" Acousticpro4k


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                          How about ....

                          Richter 18

                          The sub by which all others are measured!


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                            DD... It is not a joke ....but.hopefully it is fun.

                            Richter's being used by Audio Control ... good thought, though.

                            Mariana - 18 is a keeper.

                            The Norse god idea is interesting :salute:


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                              I like the Norse gods... Thor, Odin, Lokki for a small sneaky good sub ;)