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  • New Living Room System Setup

    Now that we have the new Samsung 61" LED DLP in the living room, it's time to get a small non-invasive system to accompany the new display. My husband has commented that the sound on the DLP is lacking tremendously compared to our former Toshiba big screen. Of course he has wanted larger speakers for a while now for when he listens to the digital music channels.

    This living room system needs to be simple and inexpensive as possible. We are not looking for anything that will blow us away. I don't even really care for surround, just front LCR and a receiver. The center will be placed on the top shelf of the display stand and therefore is limited to a maximum height of 6".

    The only source right now is a Dish Network ViP622 receiver. However, when the Samsung dual hi-def player comes in for the HT room, I'll move the Toshiba XA2 to the great room.

    I prefer floorstanding mains so that I want have to worry with stands, but I'm not going to totally rule out the use of stands.
    For the center I'm considering the Yamaha NS-C125 2-Way Bass-Reflex Center Channel Speaker for $79.99.
    This center will fit easily within the 6" shelf space since it's a little under 4" tall.

    For the fronts I'm considering the matching Yamaha NS-F310BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker for $299.99.

    I like that these are small/slim and will not be intrusive, plus they are piano black which will match the piano black bezel around the DLP display. $250 for a LCR setup seems cheap enough. Obviously though, with these only sporting 3" woofers, the response is going to be extremely limited. I'll need a very small sub and Yamaha hasn't long released something that I think will work perfectly and will fit in with the equipment easily.

    Yamaha YST-FSW150BL Advanced YST II Down-Firing Active Subwoofer for $243.95

    This sub should fit on my display shelving with my components and keep me from having a sub box on the front wall.

    Of course all of the above are merely what I've found thus far that seems like a good fit.

    Receiver wise... the least expensive unit that will pass 1080p HDMI appears to be the Onkyo TX-SR506 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver for $160.

    ~$790 for this system is really more than I want to spend so I may end up having to opt for a HTIB system. Or maybe consider better towers with 6.5" woofers and fore go a sub since we're not looking for thunder or boom.

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    I worry most about your choice of subwoofer and the location/placement that you have planned for it. Other than that, you should be above the HTIB capabilities.

    You may want to check out some other brands of speakers for your front three in that price range as the drivers are quite small on those towers.
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      Would you consider wall mounted speakers? I used to have the Paradigm wall mounts, and enjoyed them quite a bit. The cinema series is what I used to have, though several generations back:

      Another option is to just put your money into a very good soundbar. Since you don't really care about surround, and dialog is one of the most important parts of watching movies, that could be an option for you as well.
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      Subs: 4 x 18.2
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        Have you seen this thread? I'm guessing this system in a 3.1 configuration would be far superior to the Yamaha system and could be had for a similar price/ However, the center channel would be just a tad over 6" (6.75")

        Also, if you want some decent floor standers for a great price, check out Sandbagger's X-SLS speakers f/s in the classifieds. These would be tough to beat for what he is asking.