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"Bigfoot" classic vs. signature

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  • "Bigfoot" classic vs. signature

    I've been searching out there, but haven't found anything really. Can anybody tell me the differences between the two other than the classic is a 4ohm speaker? Are there noticeable sound differences?

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    The classic was 4 ohm? I thought all were 6. I upgraded my classic to the sig with the network upgrade they offered for less than $100. The difference was quite noticeable, as it was when I upgraded my 550's to the MKII networks. I prefer the sig networks over the classic ones, but both are acceptable. Other than the network, I was always under the impression they were the same speaker.
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      Agreed - It was just a crossover change that shouldn't affect speaker impedance. I did the upgrade at some point and was pleased with the results.


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          The original bigfoot was 4ohm.


          ● System: Three-way, four driver direct-radiating system, vented enclosure with rear-firing flared port
          ● Drivers: Vifa Ring Radiator tweeter, one custom 4" midrange and two custom 6.5" long-throw aluminum cone woofers
          ● Crossover: 500 Hz and 4.0 kHz, 3rd-order alignment
          ● Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 20 KHz (� 3 dB)
          ● Impedance: 4 Ohms nominal
          ● Efficiency: 91 dB (@ 1 watt / 1 meter)
          ● Power Rating: 25-150 Watts power handling
          ● Dimensions: 12" H x 10.5" D x 25" W (305 x 267 x 635 mm)
          ● Weight: 46 lbs (21 kg); ship weight = 54 lbs
          ● Price: $599 each


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            The original Bigfoot - which I have - was prone to sibilance if you added a lot of power to drive it. I don't know about the Sig version, but I dropped in Skiing Ninja xovers and no-rez, made a big difference for the better.
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              +1 for the skiing ninja + norez upgrade.
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