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  • DIY Sub Cables

    I am looking to make some custom length Sub cables and am having a hard time finding information. I would prefer crimping or compression to soldering as I have not soldered before and am not looking to learn. I attempted monoprice but it does not appear they have an option besides soldering. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

    I am having a customer wall unit built and need to make custom length cables for the sub as well as the onkyo 805 to the XPA-5

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    I've been more than happy with the Canare cable from Blue Jeans Cable. Sounds like you need in wall cables. Buy it in bulk and termenate it yourself. It's easy.

    Here's BJCs how to.

    For RCA cables, I've found it somewhat cost effective just to buy them terminated since it cost about the same after you factor in the compression connector.