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TBI subs and physics

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  • TBI subs and physics

    To forum members who know what they're talking about wrt subwoofers:

    I recently happened upon a company called TBI Sound. Their subwoofer offerings look really interesting, but I don't understand the physics of how they can do what is claimed. At first I assumed they were just another company with a lot of hot air, but several reviews I read were very positive, citing these subs as true audiophile subs. My impression from reading a few reviews is these subs are very clean and fast and can go deep, but not really in the way that would be satisfying to movie lovers by really letting you feel the bass.

    Has anyone heard of these? Can anyone explain to me how they might get their performance from such small enclosures?

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    I guess it would depend on what you are after. The drivers on those are all pretty small. They seem to be pitching the idea of small fast drivers to create "fast" tight bass, though that 's a myth in audio. Not sure I buy their accoustical shielding story either.

    They subs might be good for 2 channel listening. I doubt they'd really displace enough air for home theater, though I haven't heard them myself.
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      Yeah, a couple of their claims go against pretty much everything I've come to understand about bass in typical listening rooms. But there does seem to be some legit reviews on them - and the thought of not having to buy as much room treatment to tame the bass or worry as much about sub location has raised my curiosity.

      Maybe once I've finished building my theatre room I'll be able to compare one of these with one of the CHT models... both companies provide a trial period, and it would be interesting, if nothing else.