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New Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core Q1/2012

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  • New Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core Q1/2012

    Looks like DSPeaker has a new toy coming out Q1/2012 -
    The new DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core room correction system can be used to correct any stereo audio system automatically. It utilizes a highly powerful DSP chipset for master grade room correction, the new dual-core VS8053 "IceDragon".

    The new Anti-Mode Dual Core can be inserted between a pre-amp and a power amp (or active speakers). With automatic calibration and built-in TFT screen to display the room measurements, it offers the unmatched ease of use DSPeaker is famous for around the world.

    In addition to the acclaimed Anti-Mode room correction, Dual Core also offers remote controlled USB-DAC / S/PDIF-DAC, pre-amp, volume control and versatile EQ functions. All easily controlled with the featured remote control. Both balanced XLR/RCA connections are available, but also Pure-Digital mode where the corrected signal is passed through completely in the digital domain.

    The first shipments of AntiModeTM 2.0 Dual Core can be expected on Q1 / 2012 worldwide. Suggested retail price will be $1200 / €850.

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    $1200??? I'll keep my Aud XT+8033S tyvm. :cool:
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      Yes does seem to be pricey if you think of the options available -


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        I bet they sell a few tons of them. I really like the features.

        $1200 is a little much for my wallet, but it really isn't that much for new cutting edge tech. Gotta start somewhere, hopefully it will trickle down to something affordable for all. :applause:


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          I was excited for this until I seen the price. Ouch. It does sound pretty sweet though if you have tons of money.


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            Anti Mode dual core 2.0

            Ordered one of these and got pre-order price of just over 900 delivered. Not too bad considering that the EQ1 was near 800 when it first came out.