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    I was looking through my notes and came across this review that was in the July '07 issue of Stereophile about the Promitheus TVC. I thought I'd post the URL -- -- in Malaysia. They sell a variety of tube amps, DACs, affordable cables. TVC stands for Transformer Volume Control. It's a passive preamp. They recommend putting it inline with a DAC. There is a diagram on the web site. It got a really good write up. I thought I'd mention it before mentioning their DAC which you can check out for yourself. The tube amps look great. Some really interesting tubes. Every order is "made to order".

    I ordered a Norh ACA 2b tube preamp last year from Thailand because it got a great review in one of the ezines. It's very avordable, under $400 -- -- looks nice, polished chassis, two tubes and a transformer on top. I was looking at a few others at the time and waffled back and forth between the Grounded Grid Preamp, the Ming Da, and some others, Bottlehead, I can't think of all of them now -- the KingRex Preamp, Mapletree, etc. There's really not a lot of good preamps under $1,000. I chose the Norh after reading the review because of the price and, of course, the positive review. I mention that here in relation to the above products from Promitheus because it involved ordering from Asia (Thailand instead of Malaysia), but it is as easy to order from Asia as it is from Canada or this country. The transactions are safe and secure. Delivery is quick. I've read numerous comments from individuals who were surprised that their orders showed up in a few days from half-way around the world via. DHL and UPS.