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  • Monica or Other Affordable DAC

    I haven't learned from all the comments in different threads here what is a good quality affordable DAC to use in the interim until we can buy one here? I remember whe the first DAC came out and was reviewed and immediately went on both the Stereophile and The Absolute Sound gotta have list as "recommended components". I just can't remember the name of that DAC. It's on the tip of my tongue. I saw the name the other day so I think they're still in the business.

    I went and looked at the Monica. I'd have to get the already put together in a nice wooden box model because I don't have a clue how to wire these things up or what other parts they need, etc . In fact, most of the time I can't even figure out what he's selling on that web site because of all the silly girl crap talk. I think Charlize is an amp and Monica is a DAC... but I could be wrong, and I usually am.

    I've read in reviews that one of the KingRexes has a good USB/DAC, good enough to use as a stand-alone DAC even if you don't need the T-amp part.

    I've read in reviews similar praise for the DAC in the Peachtree Decco.

    I'd like to put a DAC with my CD player and Internet Radio.