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    This is out of my league, but I thought someone here might have suggestions... my mother is looking for a portable sound system on which she can play music for a gym class for 1st graders (few of them audiophiles, I would guess).

    She used a ~$150 "boom box" CD player, on which the CD player stopped working. My brother and convinced her that instead of spending her time ripping a bunch of CD's, an MP3 player with custom playlists was probably a lot easier. But on what should she play the MP3s?

    Anyone have recommendations for a cheap (<=$100?) docking station-type device? On the priority scale, watts/volume would win over sound quality (Raffi only gets so good...).

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    She could play an MP3 player on her existing boom box if it has any type of inputs.


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      Thanks. the boom box didn't have any inputs for 2.5mm or RCA.

      She ended up getting an iPod and either a Logitech or Phillips docking station (was looking at both, but I forget which one she chose.) I'm not normally an Apple fan, but in this case I think the iPod was a good choice wince all the peripherals are designed to work with it and it will charge while on the docking station and allow the use of a remote.


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        Good deal. I'm sure she'll enjoy it.