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Plugging the port on full range speakers.

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  • Plugging the port on full range speakers.

    When full range speakers are used in a typical home theater setup and set to small, crossed at 80hz, is there any advantage or disadvantage to plugging the port? Will there be any tonal differences? Will it tighten up the midrange or make it muddy?

    Just throwing some stuff out there, you know, always tinkering. Can't leave well enough alone.

    Would like to get some opinions. The speakers in question are Infinity RS5 floorstanders, 2-6 1/2" woofers in D'appolito configuration with the tweeter in between them.


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    Sometimes plugging the port helps, other times, no. It all depends on several factors. How the main speaker interacts with the room, how the sub interacts with the room, and how the mains and sub interact with another. Throw a port into the mix and you have yet another variable.

    Best to just try it and give a listen. An old rolled up sock in the port doesn't hurt anything, is easily reversible, and best of all, it's free.