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it goes to 50!

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  • it goes to 50!

    haven't plugged speakers in yet :D too much on my plate!

    That system looks like it would be perfect for watching a rock concert! Nice!

    this thing is SMALL! i didn't realize from the pics :) very cool!

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    Nice load of booty on that link Mike! Now, hurry up - hook it up and give us your impressions!!

    I would like to snag a GIZMO, but I'm holding out for a remote version:scratchchin:


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      i will, there's a long list of 'to do's' i have to go through though


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        yeah, we get it.... goes to 50:neener:

        and I thought I drank alot today!:neener:;)


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          Sucky thing is, his second Gizmo (the one on the bottom) only goes to 20

          What if the Hokey-Pokey really IS what it's all about?!

          Kinky Tom!


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            LOL, i took the pics and uploaded them already - might as well post them :D

            yeah, the second one only goes to 20 ... and it's always out of phase. ;)


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              in the system:
              Behringer Xenyx 1002 pre-amp/mixer
              Tweak City Audio Gizmo integrated amp
              Polk Audio Rti4
              Sennheiser HD555


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                finally got some listening on the gizmo in ... or should i say ... listening on the speakers.

                can't believe this small thing puts out this much power. and it doesn't add to the sound really. except for the known issues, i'd say this was great!

                like i said above, i wasn't going to connect this yet, but i used some HTIB satellites on the gizmo and found that the sound was thin even with a sub ... so i rushed to install it with regular bookshelves (without a sub) and it's full enough for music use :D of course i'm going to get a sub soon.

                you should market this as a PC amp Craig!

                and the difference between the rosenut finish and the walnut/cherry on my desk is pretty negligible