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    Recent events in my life have forced me to come to the realization that my current speakers won't work in my new environment. In short, I moved, started to set up the speakers, and then the "oh crap" realization kicked in. :doh! 1:

    Currently, I have Rocket 550s, 150s, Bigfoot, and their accompanying 10" sub. Overall, not too bad of a setup.

    Now for the problems. The couch must be on the far right wall of the, roughly, 8' x 13' open living room. That is per the wife for appearance rather than for sound. Can't say I blame her, especially as a couch in the entryway really messes up the flow of the house. This also means the right main speaker would now be blocking the A/C filter/vent.

    Second, did I forget to mention the front wall is actually a hair over 7' with a wall mounted TV that takes up 4' of that available space? And the wall studs are 2' apart? Mounting them might be a little bit of a challenge.

    Final problem. The rear of the room, typically where the surrounds/rears would go, is nicely framed in. By a bay window. Needless to say, the love seat is now occupying that location and is not going anywhere. So my options here are limited to either small or in-ceiling speakers.

    Floor standing main speakers have been ruled out and I would like to upgrade my sub at some point. My budget can be flexible as I would not rule out going slowly rather than upgrading all at once, amazingly enough starting with the rears.

    So, as you can see, I need help and greatly appreciate all the help all of you can offer. :)

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    So, are you looking to do in-ceilings for the rears and bookshelves for the fronts? Do you plan on keeping the bigfoot, or is it too big?
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        Well, here's a couple leads on nice quality budget in-ceiling speakers.

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        They are both a good value imo.
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          I have the HTD in walls / in ceilings in my living room and master bedroom, and have been quite happy with them (but I generally don't either very hard - that's what the dedicated HT is for).

          If I was going for a more serious, dedicated room, I'd probably look at the Hsu in-walls. I've auditioned them, they sound great, and can play pretty loud. Same design as their bookshelves (minus the box). Triads also come highly recommended - but at a price.

          Edit: depending on your size limitations, the Hsu bookshelves might work as well, quite a bit smaller than the CHT bookshelves for example.
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            I'm not sure if these are still available as a kit, but know the C-4 is. I used one of these for quite some time before buying my current center, and it is big sound from a small enclosure. I can't speak for the smaller MM-4 as I haven't heard it, but the C-4 provides room filling sound. I would imagine a 5.1 setup with these would be plenty for your room.

            Pics I have no affiliation with this company, just found the pictures here on a google search.

            I purchased a second C-4 with plans to re purpose them as surrounds. I bought mine on ebay for less than $100 each. They have aluminum drivers, so they should work fine with your existing sub, assuming you have room for it.

            Are the Chase products to large for consideration?
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              If you're thinking in ceilings or inwalls then definitely have a look at def tech! Mine sound better then a few floor standing speakers I've heard. Axiom's and various Klipsch's and Polk's.


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                Is this the BryanZ who used to own nOrh 4.0s?


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                  That's a tough one. I couldn't part with my Rocket RS850s when I went with an acoustic screen in my HT. So I kicked my Paradigms out of the living room and moved the Rockets in...thankfully my wife loves the way they blend in with the decor.:woo: although I have no center (bigfoot is in the closet) no room for it with a wall mounted plasma. but it still sounds great.

                  I'd go for two channel in-wall before i did R/C/L in the ceiling. They're easy to install and as long as you have attic room to get to the walls top plate running wires is a breeze.

                  For surrounds inwalls are still better location wise but in ceiling is ok. I use in ceiling surrounds in my living room (17' ceiling) but I never watch movies in there so I don't really consider it a HT setup...just a nice TV watching Setup with top notch sound.

                  You can only do what your room and the misses will allow!:)