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xcd 88 problem

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  • xcd 88 problem

    I picked up this unit a few years ago used. It worked one week and then the laser went. I fixed it myself (which was very challenging). It worked one week and then started skipping and hanging again. So I waited two years and had it repaired professionally. At first it skipped occasionally. The repair guy said that this unit was very sensitive and I had to recognize that the discs it skipped on were scratched. Now when I put a disc in the unit it displays "disc" and does nothing. By now I am 500$ into this used cd player, it has worked reasonably for 3 times 1 week. I am getting very frustrated. I have a guarantee from the repair guy but still does anyone have any ideas (besides exorcism) ?

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    I can't say I'm much of a repair tech, but I happen to have a "parts" xcd-88 laying around if you want it. The motherboard is fried, and I stole a ribbon cable for another cdp, but it's got lots of good parts still. (and a bunch of black gate caps and a few op-amps extra) I'd let it go for the cost of shipping.
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      Thanks for the offer, I'll keep that in mind. Right now I am not sure I want to put any more money into it though. I am not sure exactly why I started this thread. Just venting I guess:).


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        django1, you have a PM.

        I had my Carver DTL 200 MK2 player rebuilt by the Carver repair guy in Gresham, Oregon. Worked flawlessly. When I got my XCD-88, I put the Carver in storage. Two years later, I get it out to sell and up pops the same "disc" message in the display. ARRRRG. :( I know how you feel.

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          PMed back.