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"Finished" my Traps...

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  • "Finished" my Traps...

    ...Well, the 2 main ones. 2.2x4" open back...
    Not hung yet, and not the best of pics (so you can see color/pattern) -
    but, here they are!
    Got a sheet of duct board from a job (2" thick). Ripped off (cut off) metallic paper facing to make 4" traps. These going in corners under surrounds. Have enough duct board left over to make several smaller 2" panels for on wall in between recliners...maybe by next Tuesday. I will use this fabric + some chocolate & natural burlap to get a decent color scheme going....

    More pics once they are hung....and BTW ... shelves w/ cds & 7.1 speakers - attached to shelves...going up also...
    This room slowly coming together...

    All that will be missing is dual SCAMPS! (come Sept)

    EDIT: Obviously pics show a bit of touch up "tacking" to be done to traps....
    Hey, I'm not carpenter/upholsterer....:nervous::fryingpan::goodvibes:

    Oh, and the lamps gonna be changed to "hammered bronze" w/ new shades and a common dimmer...

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    They look good, man. Well done sir! :thumbsup:


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      Duct board incredibly easy to work with. If I wasn't so impatient, I coulda taken better care cutting it. But I've been waiting to finish these for soooo long. Good first trial & error build though:thumbsup: Wouldn't have even pulled off the backing if these weren't gonna be straddling a corner/on "open back" frames - but it came off cleanly.

      Used this tutorial from readyacoustics ...
      Learn to make your own SUPER EFFECTIVE bass traps and acoustic panels with materials from your local hardware store.

      although I didn't follow the "clean corners" portion.
      Next time I will!
      2" Panels I'm strictly gonna fabric wrap - no need for frame as I see it....:yes:


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        I really like the look of those JBL surrounds sans grill cloth and hammered bronze on cream beige finish! They'll look great on the wall. :yes:


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          Thanks! They almost look "neopolitan" (sp?) like on the wall right now...but as other objects go up, the color scheme should come together nicely. They still "stand out", but the balck, metallic & graphite really did not blend into the room. And, actually, that is just a Vaspar Satin Java Brown...the lamps may end up being that too, as most "hammered" have to much of a gloss/metallic look to them....:huge:

          I can move the right surround about a foot "in" on the wall, but the left is limited to about 1/2 foot...closet starts.
          Wish I could move it a little more, as, I know it's crazy to think I can do 7.1, but I''m gonna just because I've got extra smaller speaks & I just wanna see if there is a difference....:scratchchin: Recliners coming out about another foot from wall once TV/new ent stand in here....:thumbsup:


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            Will you be making a new matching and bass absorbing dog bed?


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              Good job. I too like the looks of those JBL's.


              I love how music can brighten up a bad day.


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                Originally posted by m-fine
                Will you be making a new matching and bass absorbing dog bed?
                The dog bed has been out of here for quite some time as first, Jake claimed one of the Berklines...
                Now, the loveseat is his - always looking out the window...:snaggletooth:
                I really wanna get rid of the loveseat & get a chair&1/2 or another recliner. More room....
                So, an absorbing dog bed may make it after all!:blockhead::raspberry:


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                  I figure 10-12" of AFB batting with a thin layer of polyester batting to hold its shape and a decor matching cover should make him feel like a king, and suck out a good bit of bass as well.

                  Now that I think of it, maybe I should make myself an entire set of furniture out of Rockboard, AFB, acoustic cotton etc.


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                    If acoustic cotton weren't so dang $$, I might consider making one of those "flip & fold" chair/beds for Jake :dizzy:

                    Hmmm...maybe an acoustical papasan (?) type chair could replace the loveseat :scratchchin: :idea: Whaya think????


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