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Behringer dsp-1124 not functioning

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  • Behringer dsp-1124 not functioning

    I followed the directions. Added all the settings recommended by REW. Ran REW again, and zero changes showed in the graph.

    The leds light up showing that the setting have in fact been saved.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere that should be obvious.
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    I would try your questions over at home theater shack where REW is made. I know there is a jog dial that selects the filters that the 1124 should use, have you selected the proper storage set using the jog dial?

    Another thing to try is to try with some awefully strange value, like a maximum wideband cut at 50hz or something, and then re-run the sweep. Depending on what you're trying to do, the 1124 might not be able to handle it well enough.

    Are you trying to boost a large room null, or shrink a large room peak, or just do some slight taming with your 1124?

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      Be sure you have the in / out button engaged (green light on - top right button) that engages the filter set number you have on the display. With it off you get an un-equalized response and the led ladder reads the input level rather than the output level. Hope its that simple:)
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