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Is this setup possible?

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  • Is this setup possible?

    I currently have the HRT Music Streamer hooked up to a USB port on my PC:

    it feeds into a Creek - OBH-11 Headphone Amplifier:

    works great with headphones.

    I now have a Gizmo/Desktop Speaker setup that I used at work (not from a PC setup) and was wondering if I can add that to my setup above (I currently have some small creatives that i play though the headphone amp jack)

    I would like to add the Gizmo/Speakers that to my system. The headphone amp has RCAs In and Out, so the question is can I set up from USB > HRT Music Streamer > Creek - OBH-11 Headphone Amplifier > Gizmo?

    Does the headphone on/off switch just kill the sound to the headphone jack and sound is still passed through to the amplifier?

    since the Gizmo only has RCAs in, it appears I cant use it to listen via headphones if i have to take the headphone amp out of my setup


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    Should work fine

    RCA's on the back of the headphone amp should be a straight pass through for exactly what your trying to do.

    I would almost be willing to bet that if you opened it up and looked inside the rca's are just jumpered together:biglaugh:
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      thanx, will give it a try


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        The HRT may overload the Gizmo. I have one of the original HRT streamers and use it with a Gizmo and I have to dial back the input out of my laptop, otherwise it distorts. If you use the search function you should be able to find a thread about this. If you can get the levels set right, it sounds great.


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          Thank you. I had distortion problems with my HRT the night I got it. I e-mailed them at 10 PM EST time and after a few back and forth they recommended a powered USB (computer is 6 years old), happened to have one, set it up and it has been great. Awesome tech support.