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Anyone familiar with Meridian speakers?

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  • Anyone familiar with Meridian speakers?

    Won a pair of them at a silent auction fund raiser for our school last night. Gotta admit I am not familiar with the brand, but a gentlemen I spoke to afterward said they were supposedly pretty good. Retail value was listed as $800 for the set of two surround ceiling mount speakers.

    Since we're in the house remodel mode, I thought I'd bid on them for future use and ended up winning. Apparently, it was not an audio-enthusiastic crowd, which turned out well for me.

    Anyway, just wondering if anybody had heard of or had first-hand experience with them. The model is P200ZQ.

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    I have listened to their powered $20k 5-ways before. I do know that Meridian does not mess around, they are serious about HT sound.

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