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Need help on selecting a distribution amp for whole house audio.

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  • Need help on selecting a distribution amp for whole house audio.

    I have researched and watched threads regarding this topic for years and I feel that it is time to put rubber to road and finish this aspect of my home.

    I have 6 zones that I would like to distribute audio to from my theater. I have all cables for audio video run to av closet in my theater. I use a Yamaha rx-v3900 as a preamp and an Outlaw 770 to power my theater. I would like to use the zone control on my preamp to send audio to a distribution amp that would power the rest of the house. I don't need 100 watts to each room, just something that would power in ceiling speakers in those rooms.

    Two zones have a single 3 way in ceiling speaker( The outdoor zone has a set of the AV123 outdoor speakers. I haven't purchased the other speakers but two of those zones fill the great area of the kitchen and living room of the house and the last zone is the garage and the least of my concern for now.

    I would like to do these very economical as I will not be doing speaker auditions in these zones but I don't want to throw away my money.

    Your idea's/opinions would be greatly appreciated. "thumbsup:

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    I use a Sonance 260 x 3. Built like a tank and specifically designed for distributed audio. I had 3 of them at one time, but it was overkill.

    This will power 3 pairs of speakers and you should be able to find a used one for around $100. They also make a 1230 that will power 6 pairs. These don't show up as often and will probably be in the $300 - $400 range.

    Here is an example:

    The other option is a 2-channel amp followed by a speaker selector box from Sonance, Niles, etc.