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  • Hey Tubeheads ;)

    So I've got the chance to buy a HUGE selection of radio and TV tubes. Guy who was a TV and radio repir guy for many, many years died and his son is cleaning out the basement. Theres some testing equipment and tons of original manuals, etc; I know the TV tubes don't have a lot of value in themselves, but a lot of the radio stuff is in original boxes and seems to be NOS. I'm thinking the manuals and all could have some value, and I guess there's some original cabinets buried under everything too that might have some value. If I manage to score it all I'll post some pics ;) I imagine I'm just going to start ebaying the lot since I don't have any tube gear left myself. If anyone is looking for anything specific let me know. Tons of RCA, Philco, GE, and International tubes.

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    Let me know if you have any 6j6. BillnChristy made a few pre amps using these as they are inexpensive...


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      Could always use more 12au7s.

      And tube testing equipment for same.
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        ^^^ +1 for 12au7 and testing equipment


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          Will do. Its going to be a couple weeks before I get the lot of it, but we'll see what's in there ;)


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            Well, since you asked, I am always looking for 6CL6 tubes...not a popular tube but they sure sound nice in my SPUD amp!

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              I'd be happy to take a few poor 'lil 7591/7591A or 6L6GC tubes off your hands. Of course everyone else would probably like to do the same! :)