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ED A2-300 or A3-250?

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  • ED A2-300 or A3-250?

    I am planning to buy 5.1 system from ED. the price for A2-300 and A3-250 is the same. Which subwoofer should I choose?
    My room size is 19X12. I use it mainly for HT 90% and only 10 % for music.
    Any suggestions

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    If you have the space for it, I'd go with the a2-300. The bigger box should let it dig a bit deeper with more authority. That's not to say the a3-250 can't do so--I've got one in my living room and feel like I could blow out the windows if I really cranked it. But the bigger box should typically win out. The slightly less powerful amp shouldn't really be a problem unless your room has 18' ceilings... My room is bigger than yours, with a vaulted ceiling running from 9' to ~14'. I usually only run it at about 30% gain with the sub level set at 0 on the receiver. You probably wouldn't ever need to use the extra power the a3 brings to the table compared to the a2.

    The only reason I picked the a3-250 when I bought mine was because I needed to fit it under my bed. I've sinced moved, and have a bigger bedroom, so I moved the eD to the living room and picked up an X-Sub for the bedroom. If the X-Sub was 2" shorter, I would have just bought it in the first place, actually.

    Also, the a2-300 is currently on sale for significantly less than the a3-250, unless I'm reading their website wrong...

    (edited for typo. Gah. Stupid numbers.)


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      thanks for ur input.
      im trying to buy ed 5.1 package but im unable to add a2 300 to the package bcoz its on sale for 315$ where as im able to add a3-250 to the package and after 15% package discount it comes to 318$ which is same price as a2-300.
      I was just wondering if a3-250 is better than a2-300.
      would appreciate some input from craigsub!
      I will be more than happy to buy craigsubs 5.1 system but donno when it;ll be ready!!


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        Jamdoc, I never tried out the A3-250, so I cannot give you an opinion between the 2 subs. Since I only have experience with the A2-300, I would say go with it. Of course, I could be wrong ... :)

        As soon as I get word on when we will have product, I will definitely be posting it.

        We have all the components for WAF-1 and Scamp-10 picked out - and are getting OEM orders in ASAP. :thumbsup:


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