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  • Room Suggestion?

    Ok, I just started researching subs, so am pretty much a total noob in this area, but as I have just begun my search, I may have lucked out as it coincided with this sub coming out.

    A problem however is that the dimensions of my room are about as bad as you can get for this application. Its an open Loft apartment. Total sq ft is just under 1600. Ceilings are 13 ft tall. The bathroom is the only thing thats totally enclosed.

    My curret setup is as follows: Fronts - Polk RTI8's; Surrounds - Polk Monitor 30's; Center - Polk CSI25; Reciever - Onkyo TXSR703 and the sub is a Polk PSW303 which came as part of a package and I really swear that everything would sound the same if I didnt even bother hooking it up.

    So i guess my question, given my rather limited budget, is, would one or 2 of these Scamps give me any boom for my buck that would be worthwhile. thanks in advance.

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    We listened to a single scamp in NJ in a room that was wide open with a 2 story ceiling and it was fantastic.

    2 of them should give you a surprising amount of boom.


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      Are there any pics of the scamp ?
      A knock at the door said "Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms" I thought it was a delivery.:biglaugh:


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        Originally posted by Drunkonjack
        Are there any pics of the scamp ?
        yes there are a few


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          Originally posted by Drunkonjack
          Are there any pics of the scamp ?
          DOJ - some pics in this thread (should open to a page showing Seaton kneeling beside the Scamp).

          Also, some info (subject to revision when the thing is finalized) you'll also want:

          Type: Front slot ported, single-driver system
          Driver: 10” long throw driver
          Amplifier: 150 watts
          Voltage: 110/220V
          Frequency Response: ????
          Inputs: Stereo high level input and output. Stereo low level and LFE input.
          Outputs: Parallel pass through to facilitate daisy-chaining multiple subs
          Phase Control: 0 and 180 degrees
          Size: 22"H x 14"W x 17"D
          Weight: ~45 lbs. (~55 lbs. shipped)
          Additional Information:
          • Gain and crossover adjustments (40Hz - 150Hz)
          • Single tuning frequency
          • 2 inch voice coil and 5.25 inch diameter magnet
          • Auto-on / standby mode.
          • Front firing design
          • Slot Vented enclosure
          • Grill????