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My labor of love over the past 14 months

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  • My labor of love over the past 14 months

    I was a 23 year old computer geek who just bought a house and had always wanted a home theater (on a serious budget) ... the most complex thing I ever built was probably a K'Nex Big Ball Factory when I was 11 ... However, I was born with the amazing ability to pick up anything and become proficient in or with it extremely quickly ... this is my HT story with a link that showcases a lot of pictures from my 14 months of "fun" of transforming my basement into a home theater ...

    HT gear:
    I had always been a Klipsch lover ... had my first set of used Heresy's at age 17 and never looked back ... at age 20, I bought a pair of RF-3IIs on closeout and an X1 projector ... being a computer geek, I obviously had an HTPC ... several months later I picked up the RS-3IIs and RC-3II ... at age 22 I picked up a used pair of RF-7s and a used pair of SVS 16-46+ ... age 23 I got a RC-7 ... age 24, I got an optoma 7100 (still have the X1 with the original bulb around 3000 hours ... dim but still a great picture)

    I always enjoyed viewing others pictures of HT's on AVS (especially all the subs Craig would have sitting in his room) and of all the construction photos ... I figured it was my turn to share some photos ... I also hope to inspire others to construct a HT, just as I had been inspired ...

    I still have some finishing touches to do in the HT ... add some black felt to the screen stand, add a coat of polyurethane to the fireplace, and some other odds and ends ... but enough words ... enjoy the pictures starting from "00 Before"

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    That is a GREAT looking room ... Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your project with us. :thumbsup:


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      Thanks "Big Cigar"!

      I have yet to recalibrate my BFD for the subs just yet ... it is definitely safe to say that I have at least one large peak at my seating position (prolly somewhere around 50hz) ... gonna aim to do that tonight after I move the subs a bit (the drywall closet to them is buckling/vibrating)

      On another note, the first scene of "I Am Legend" seems to be a great general sound calibration tester (if you will) ... a lot of panning sounds, cricket ambience, bass of engine, highs of squelling tires, mids of speach and deer running, and deep bass of lions


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        Wow that is a beautiful room, i just saw the first pics when the link opened and didnt realize each was its own album. Well done!!


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          Great looking room!

          I did my basement (with the help of a friend who had the right tools and the expertise) a couple of years ago. It still feels great to go down there and look around, knowing I did it!

          My walls are the same color as yours and my trim is a little more off white (matches the leather furniture).

          Nice job!!!!


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            LOL! As I worked my way through the photos of Klipsch's handsome room, I thought of you and your room, Ray. Nice job Klipsch. :salute:


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              Is it just me or did he make the screen a tad small?

              BTW, That area behind the screen looks like it needs a Sasquatch or two.


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                Thanks all!

                The colors I went with were "Cabin Red" and "Almond Oil". The rim is "honeysuckle bloom". Marketing is great. Have any picture links to your theatre?

                126" is a bit small :) ... I'm trying to make up for my small house.

                I calibrated all the audio and video ... well I should say: I used the grayscale and color bars (with filters) for video ... played sine wav test tones ... ended up splitting up the subs behind the screen which smoothed the response greatly ... used the BFD and now have the room with a slight house curve +-2 db from 16hz-125hz ... had YPAO do its thing ... sound is great and this optoma 7100 puts out an amazing picture


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                  I'm not sure what the red/bugundy color is called and the trim paint is a custom mix, but all of the paint I used is Benjamin Moore. A lot of research told me it was a bit more expensive, but about the best out there and easy to work with. The room is 19'x28'x7.5'.

                  Here is a link to some pics of my basement (thread post #473)

                  Since these pics were taken, I have added a black pub table right behind the sofa and the black bar stools flank it (adds two more people to parties and gives a surface for drinks, etc.). Also, I put a Hsu VTF-3 HO w/turbo in the system. The trim paint actually matches the sofa much better than these pics show. That's a 58" Panny plasma hanging on the wall.


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                    sweet stuff Ray ... the colours are just about identical :0 ... I think I need to add some movie posters like you have :) ... putting high stools like that in the corner was an idea I had as well (with a high table) ... it looks great in your room so I am going to have to start keeping an eye out for some sales/closeouts/estate sales for some

                    I used the expensive Valspar Signature paint ($24/gallon), but the paint doesn't drip, doesn't spatter, shows absolutely no brush strokes, goes on thick, etc. ... much like your Benjamin Moore ... I previously used the same paint elsewhere (different colours) in the house and while it is more expensive, I found it to be worth it since you need less of it (1 coat = 2 coats of the $15 stuff)


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                      Great room bud... I think I am going to steal the color from you. ;) I wanted a blue but the maroons just look so rich. I am planning on painting my ceiling flat black from the PJ forward to see if I can get rid of some glare.

                      Ohh... if you want a Klipsch sub to go with it's brothers, I have an RSW-12 that I am selling. ;) It thunders, but bummer... it looks like your covered pretty well there.


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                        thanks Buzz ... I was actually thinking of doing the same thing (the black ceiling), but the flat red really does a good job on reducing reflection that I decided against it ... I still would love to make a 4'x8' fiber optic ceiling panel though :)

                        I used to have a RSW-10 ... I do miss the sealed sound of a sub vs the svs ported I have now ... if only I could afford a sealed sub that was flat from 16-100hz


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                          Most of the ceiling reflection is in the first 2 feet or so. I ended up with a beige ceiling (way better than white) but I will put up sound absorption covered by black velvet to handle both types of reflections up front.