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SketchUp Frustrating me!!!!

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  • SketchUp Frustrating me!!!!

    DANG IT! I thought it was supposed to be easy!
    Well, I have never really used any graphics/3-D program before.
    And the fact I'm too lazy to read all the help & impatient doesn't help.
    Been trying to do a rendering of the EC I'm gonna build - mainly for the guy making my cuts - so he'll better understand what I'm gonna do. Plus, I would like to post one here & there...
    Sure, he's got a simple cutlist, nothing to it. But, I just want a rendering!!

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    I've become pretty decent with SketchUp over the last 2 years ... feel free to ask any questions, though you might want email me since I don't check in here as often right now ...

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