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XPA-5 Trigger Question

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  • XPA-5 Trigger Question

    I have an Onkyo 805 and use the pre-outs to have the Emotiva XPA-5 to handle the watts. I want to know what I need to get from where to have the trigger kick the XPA-5 on when the Onkyo is turned on.

    In addition, I currently have a fan plugged into the back of the onkyo to automatically turn on when the receiver is turned on to blow cool air over the top of the received as I only have about 3 inches of clearance and the Onkyo does get hot.

    Taking this into consideration do I need to get some sort of splitter to plug into the back of the Onkyo so I can run both the Fan and the Trigger that I asked about in the first paragraph?

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    you might want to ask lonnie over on the emotiva forums or just email emotiva directly

    i believe it's just a 12v trigger so a splitter may work. not sure how having a fan running off the trigger lead would effect it's ability to turn on the xpa though.

    Still think Craig is in the "Chase" for that sense of humour. :neener 1:


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      I have an LMC-1 connected to 2 amps -- an LPA-1 and XPA-3. I use a splitter to connect two 3.5 mm cables (one to each of the amps). Works like a charm.
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