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Bigfoot RS200 woofer question

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  • Bigfoot RS200 woofer question

    Trying to determine if the av123 rocket 6.5" driver offered on the classifieds is actually for the RS200 Bigfoot. Measured 7 1/8" per seller.

    Can other Bigfoot owners or maybe sandbagger confirm that the 6.5"woofer for Bigfoot is 7 1/8" total diameter (that's the outermost diameter including the big ring with the attachment screws) and not 7"?

    I measured the woofer on mine and it's 7" max. Would that extra 1/8" actually make it too big to fit in? Thinking of purchasing this as a spare and hoping not to have to unscrew the current woofer to find out (as I have frequently destroyed screw threads on furniture pieces and even on the legpost of a new Weber grill:fryingpan:)


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    Old thread but just in case someone else wants to know... There were three woofer sizes for the RSC200. All were slightly different in diameter. You need to have the woofer basket measured accurately to ensure it will fit.

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