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  • Dakiom rant

    Wow. I was just checking out the Dakiom adds on Audiogon. Whoever wrote their description went off on a massive rant, and I couldn't even read 1/8 of it. Lots of use of "stupid" and many things written in caps. Definitely not going to help their sales.

    Here's the link (they use the same description for all of their products):

    So say we all.

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    That's what happens when you hold it in for 30 years...


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      I think it would take 30 years to read all of that...

      Jeremy Gillow
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        I feel more STUPID for having read it. As opposed to how stupid I was prior... :snaggletooth:


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          It was okay until they mentioned "toobs". What are toobs?


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            I understand the author of that tirade is forming a joint venture with Mal Gibson, Michael Richards and Matt Leinart.

            No word on who will be designated as the company spokesman.


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              OK raise your hand if you actually read that all....

              LMAO... poor bastage.. Speaking of poor bastages what are we doing on the forum on a Sat night and a Labor Day weekend? (Hint: see thread anyone have a German Shepherd thread) :whistle:
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                Admittedly, I have 2 earlier Dakiom products that I don't use any more. And before I bought them I spoke w/ the fellow who I thought was the owner of Dakiom. Could tell pretty quickly that English was not his primary language, so I was surprised when I read that description. Probably not written by him, or, if it was, then his use of English hasn't improved.
                So say we all.


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                  I read a few lines then I had to stop. :D
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                    I also bought a couple Dakiom pieces early on, as part of the Review-and-get-a-discount program when he/they first came out.

                    The owner (Kim Dao) was pretty nice in his emails. Even when they didn't work out as well in my system, he put my review on his website (he was thinking there may have been some issue with excess capacitance on my modded player; but bottom line, things sounded better without them than with).

                    Over time, I've seen his diatribe grow, and it seems to have let pretty loose. At this stage, will anyone really buy given that rant? It's too bad; as I said, he seemed like a nice guy.

                    Like Emac, I think I still have those early items (RCA and amp adapters) tucked away somewhere; heck I even bought a headphone Dakiom adapter used. Tried it once, then twice to make sure I wasn't nuts, then it went away with my other ne'er-used stuff.
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                      Originally posted by mojave
                      It was okay until they mentioned "toobs". What are toobs?
                      Toobs are stoopid!

                      Seriously, they replace transistors. As such, they are not stoopid.