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Revisting/Rethinking room layout...

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  • Revisting/Rethinking room layout...

    My room not a perfect square, as I've stated before 11.5x11.5...:rolleyes: Just "main" boundaries...

    The (current) front wall is actually 13.5 from door opening & there is approx 2x3 entry alcove of sorts. The door is mainly left open, so it lets alot of sound escape & helps w/ ringing issues & standing waves. There are also 5' shutter type bifold closet doors I'm thinking may act as some slight difussion (?)

    I'm thinking of "flipping" the layout for aesthetic reasons (not seeing wiring as you enter) & possibly adding 1 more "viewing" seat...
    Would like to be able to close the door (it is hollow) and possibly add a trap/panel to the back side...
    Surround placement would likely have to come off the walls, but it may let me try something like XS...
    Not great pics, but may help you visualize...I will try to get better pics, especially of "doorway"...
    Any ideas/thoughts??? BTW - these are not my current surrounds..that pic mainly to show closet doors...
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    That closet would make a cool receesed audio equipment area .:thumbsup:
    A knock at the door said "Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms" I thought it was a delivery.:biglaugh:


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      I had thought about that, but....

      1) We have so much trouble w/ Charter - I need quick/easy access to the box.

      2) No power outlet nearby.

      3) Not much eqpt & I'm one of those that likes to see mine.

      4) I'm ascared of opening the doors & finding out what's really in there....:nervous:

      Actually, all the media is gonna end up in there:yes:
      That closet backs to downstairs bathroom. I'm thinking 'bout going through wall so there will be closet access from bathroom & splitting use in 1/2. If/when I do that, may look at putting eqpt in there....:scratchchin:


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        Just make sure no-one gets drunk and pees on your rack.
        Regular guy.
        Tubey or not tubey, that is the question :smoke1:


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          I think you need to slide the dog bed over to the center so he gets better imaging in 2 channel.