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  • Craig Good Ideas Here Check it out!

    Hi Craig, this is a review of the site I couldn't think of some time ago. I'm posting the URL to the 6Moons review because the company is in Denmark, I believe, and their web site is not in English. However, I would encourage everyone to still go have a look.

    -- --

    The art covering the wall speakers -- this would be applicable to covering acoustic panels, basstraps, too. There is another company that does "original art", also, but I personally don't care for that type of illustration. I think they are missing the boat by limiting people's choice of panel "art" to their own taste.

    I had asked some time back about the depth of the wooden frames for your own (TCA) wall panels? Do you know the dimensions yet -- the depth -- 2", 3", 4", etc.?

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    Larry - The primary reason MLS was in Cali for 30 days was to help the entire Cali team - including Santiago, Diego, etc ... to get things running properly.

    What he found were some logistics that needed fixed. The output of the factory has increased 200% per worker, which is why you see so many MFW-15's rolling out.

    Once they get caught up on back orders, Tweak City will see more workers assigned to its products.

    I told MLS and Santi (not that they needed permission) that filling back orders was THE important issue.

    Then we'll get rolling here - including lots of info.

    Thanks !!! :thumbsup:


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      Crack that whip !:boom:
      A knock at the door said "Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms" I thought it was a delivery.:biglaugh:


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        Just trying to clean the spammer mess.
        Regular guy.
        Tubey or not tubey, that is the question :smoke1: